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Testing & EvaluationsArc between Wires

Electrical Forensics, Inc. determines through witness interviews, observation, and testing the cause of the failure: product defect, installation error, normal wear-n-tear, or improper use.  When a failure mode is established, it is photographed in detail and in a manner that will, except under the most unusual circumstances, remove any doubt from the opposing side that may or may not have attended the site visit.

Fire Origin & Cause

We work independently, or alongside your fire origin and cause investigator, to confirm or eliminate electrical ignition sources.  Electrical Forensics prefers to work alongside your fire investigator using a teamwork approach before the site is disturbed.  This also helps in eliminating or reducing the spoilage of evidence before the opposing side has an opportunity to examine the site.

Non-Destructive Testing

Electrical Forensics specializes in Non-Destructive Testing of Air Conditioning systems.  Testing will, in most cases, determine if failure is due to a lightning strike or normal wear-n-tear.  We do not just test the compressor.  If the control circuit does not close the relay and send power to the compressor, it will not run.  There are many failure modes to consider and most are not covered by insurance.  But when it is lightning, the testing will usually confirm it.  Electrical Forensics understands that this is a very sensitive subject to most homeowners, especially on hot days, and most insured's are impressed with the thoroughness of the testing and have little opposition to the results and conclusions.

Another Electrical Forensics specialty is Non-Destructive Testing of whole-house electrical distribution systems following lightning strikes.  Measurements and experience accurately determine in-wall failure locations and minimize drywall repairs.  The testing is so thorough that it often reveals errors made by the original electricians when the house or building was constructed decades before.  Repairs are normally minimal since defects can usually be localized to a small area.  The electrical engineer that performs the testing has many years of experience working as a master electrician and is very familiar with most wiring methods.

Assist in Evaluating Cost Estimates

Electrical Forensics assist insurance adjusters in evaluating cost estimates (damage evaluations) and determining if reported items are damaged by the reported occurrence.  When requested, provide reparability evaluations.