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Types of Investigations

Forensic investigations performed by the staff of Electrical Forensics, Inc. include the following:

    Computers,* Security Systems, Telephone Systems
    Air Conditioning Systems - Residential, Commercial, Industrial
    Clothes Washer Flooding
    Clothes Dryer Fires - Residential, Commercial
    Gas Logs & Portable Kerosene Heater Sooting
    Apartment Buildings & Condominiums
    Municipal Buildings
    Houses - circuits, appliances, electronics
    Businesses - circuits, commercial appliances,   
        point-of-sale devices
    Restaurants - circuits, cooking equipment,
        point-of-sale devices, laundry equipment
    Factories - circuits, automated and manual equipment
    Farm Buildings and associated Electrical Systems and Equipment
    Sump Pumps, Well Pumps
    Boat Fires
    Marina Fires
    Mobile Homes
    Bulldozer and Heavy Equipment Fires
    Railroad Equipment Fires
    Coal Mine Electrical Systems
    Medical Diagnostic Equipment
    Radio Stations
    Television Stations
    Public & Private Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
    Utility Power Substations
    Nashville Recording Studios
    Cars, Vans, Trucks
    Automobile Dealerships
    Sewage Treatment Plants & Lift Stations

This is a partial list of project types investigated by the staff.  If you do not see your claim type listed above, please call Electrical Forensics for additional information.

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*Note:  Often an inexpensive computer component failure can be identified by Electrical Forensics during the site visit allowing the insured to be up and running in a very short time with no loss of stored data.  The staff is well trained in computer architecture and networking.