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About the Company

Electrical Forensics, Inc. is a company headquartered in Brentwood, TN, serving the Southeast.* 

The degreed staff consists of professional electrical engineers with over 30 years of experience in the electrical field including residential, commercial, and industrial.  Our engineers are licensed in eight states. 

The turn-around time of our in-depth, photographically illustrated reports is among the fastest in the industry.  The average time is 8 working days after the site investigation.  So far, no report written by the staff has been challenged in a court of law and lost.  If we can't prove it, we don't say it.

In addition to our specialty of investigating lightning and fire origin and cause claims, Electrical Forensics evaluates appliances and equipment to determine if malfunctions are due to manufacturer defects, improper installation, normal wear and tear, or operator error.

Electrical Forensics represents domestic and foreign manufacturers in product liability claims.

Our engineers travel nationwide to fulfill the investigation and analysis requirements of our clients.  Verbal feedback to our client is normally given within hours of an investigation.   


Electrical Forensics clients include insurance companies, attorneys, manufacturers, electrical contractors, general contractors, business owners, and hopefully you.


Electrical Forensics provides free lightning seminars to insurance companies, insurance associations, fire departments, and civic organizations.  The lightning presentation can be stand-alone or as part of a larger, multi-vendor seminar covering a variety of subjects.  The seminar covers how lightning is created, lightning characteristics, what to look for and questions to ask the insured during a investigation , and lightning safety issues.  The safety portion may one day save your life and the insurance portion can save your company thousands of dollars through state-of-the-art test methods that can greatly reduce the cost of lightning damage verification and repairs.  Call Electrical Forensics, Inc. at (615) 772-1854 for more details.


*See Questions & Answers page